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About Department 164

The Naval Health Research Center (NHRC) was designated as the United States Department of Defense (DoD) Center for Deployment Health Research, September 30, 1999 by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs. To assist in this mission, NHRC established the Deployment Health Research Department. The mission of the department includes conducting epidemiological studies on the health of service members and their families. An experienced department staff and flexible framework provide the ability to quickly adapt and confront novel health concerns of DoD beneficiary populations and, where applicable, the general public. Staff members have expertise in biostatistics, epidemiology, medicine, psychology, reproductive health, complex data management, large mail and telephone surveys, and occupational health. Included among the core programs of the Deployment Health Research Department are the Millennium Cohort Study, the Millennium Cohort Family Study, the Recruit Assessment Program, the DoD Birth and Infant Health Registry and the ACAM2000 Myopericarditis Registry.


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